Personalized URLs

Personalized URL’s, also known as PURLs, are personalized websites used in conjunction with direct mail that are designed to gather information about the person that visits it. Marketing companies find this useful when testing marketing methods and response rates.

PURLs are assigned to individual recipients based on the direct mail campaign database. They are generally printed on the direct mail piece in the format of They recognize the individual who is visiting the site and can welcome them by name. They also have the ability to obtain and disperse detailed and specific information pertaining to the individual looking at the site.

When recipients of the direct mail piece log onto their PURL, the information from the campaign database is used to tailor the web page experience to that specific recipient. They are referenced by name, and the graphics, text, offers, and other information on the page can also be tailored to them personally, based on the information in the marketer’s database. Studies have shown that people prefer to get additional information online, so PURLs create a seamless way to connect the printed piece of the Web.