Whether it’s a customized order with 100 different drop locations or one single piece, PrintComm has packing and shipping solutions to fit your needs. We have experienced material handling experts that can assist in sending your packages to its destinations, including multi-point distributions, national and international. At PrintComm, we stay on top of the latest rules and regulations affecting distribution to ensure a proper delivery. We also offer economical and efficient packaging to minimize your overall cost.

If you want to reach businesses and consumers who regularly buy products and services like the ones you offer, you may want to purchase a mailing list. A mailing list provides contact information for prospects you can approach by mail, e-mail, or telephone.

PrintComm will help you choose the demographics, purchasing habits, company size, or credit rating to hone in on a more focused audience. A highly targeted mailing list can help you reach customers with a more specific message, which may lead to a more successful marketing campaign.